Common misconceptions on the morning after pill

Earlier people used to get pregnant as there were no alternatives except aborting but now even if any unplanned unprotected sex happens, there is no need to worry but all you need to do is take an emergency contraception pill which doesn’t allow the egg to fertilise and attach to the womb and one cannot become pregnant. There are even many myths associated with these pills.

  1. Causesinfertility

Many people think that taking this pill on regular basis will lead to infertility in women and they won’t have chances to get pregnant but this is completely wrong. There is no evidence for such things but one thing is your menstrual cycle will be disturbed and changed. But no evidence repeated taking of pulls will make you infertile.

  1. This pill only works within 24 hours of unprotected sex

This pill can be taken within 3 days after having unprotected sex if you don’t want to conceive, and taking it as early as possible increases its efficiency and works better in the system so it is advisable to take it immediately within few hours. If taken lately the tablet action  work in few people so it is strictly suggested to take as soon as possible within 3 days

emergency contraception pill

  1. Abortionpill

Many people think that this is an abortion pill but that’s not true. This pill just helps in stopping the egg to get fertilise and in some cases the egg is fertilised and in that condition, the oils stop the fertiliser egg from an implant on into the uterus. Whereas abortion only occurs when the fertilised egg attached to the uterus forms womb. Abortion pills are not sold by pharmacies without a prescription and even if you get these tablets there should under supervision.

  1. Needs a doctors appointment and prescription

There is no need for doctors prescription, anyone can go to a pharmacy store and get the tablets without delay and take them on their own. But if the person wants to get IUD placed then she should go to the hospital and get the IUD inserted and that can’t be done alone at home. These I’d be kept inside the uterus for about 5 years to 10 years if the patients wish to keep them.