5 types of erotic massages you can try at home

These types of erotic massages will either spice your dying sex life or just breathe excitement into your free evening with your better half. Exotic touches will awaken sensual feelings in you and the massage techniques will help to free your body from stress. Furthermore, will the whole act deepen your relationship.

Types of erotic massages: What to do first?

  1. A suitable spot
    Once you and your partner agree on a massage together, look for a suitable spot to do it. The place should be comfortable, tidy and visually pleasing as well as spacy enough for you to move freely.
  2. The right mood
    In order for the whole process to have the right groove, it doesn’t hurt to have the surroundings sensual and sexy. Candles, incense sticks, oils and perhaps oriental music together with satin bedding may do the trick. Final effect can be underlined by dimmed light as well.
  3. Relaxed body
    The atmosphere of the moment should be followed by a relaxed body. You can begin with a bath together with aromatic fragrances or soft warm towel compress.
  4. Tools and toys
    All of the tools and toys should be prepared beforehand. Use vibrating tools, scarfs, feathers, spheres, roller, lubricant etc. Don’t perceive the erotic tools as a competition, on the contrary, they are there to help you the intensity and better the whole process.

Types of massages – do try this at home

1.      Body to body

As the name states, the process is carried out by the full weight of the masseuse‘s body and includes hands very little. On the contrary, you use the gel as much as possible and spread it over you and your partner. The sensuality is underlined by completely naked and slippery bodies rubbing against each other.

This technique is recommended to the experienced or sporty people for its physical demands.

  1. Tantra

Tantra is associated with yoga, sexuality, mysticism and spirituality ever since ancient times. It takes advantage of Indian and Thaitechniques, that have a positive influence on your body. It specializes in touches of various intensity and speed that speak to the body and receiving its language and desires.

You can experiment with tantraas a beginner but it is necessary to study at least some basic information about it.

2. King’s

Also called the double hand massage makes use of not one, but two pairs of hands which is a fundamental rule. There are many techniques to be used so you can just choose the best for you.

This process isn’t exactly demanding but it is necessary to have a partner open to various sexual experiences.

3. Prostate massage

It is, of course, meant for men. You use your hand to stimulate the prostate, which is considered the male G-spot by many sexologists. Your touch doesn’t need to be especially intense, rather soft and sensual.

It is necessary to carry this technique out for quite a long time for its effect to kick in so it’s a fairly time-consuming method. You will also need to know at least the basic human anatomy.

4. Anus massage

This one is especially satisfying for women. You need to start off slowly, find the right way to pleasure and avoid uncomfortable feelings. It is convenient to use lubrication gel, various finger motions and in the case of mutual enthusiasm also your tongue.

This practice is a rather time demanding as well and requires sufficient perceptiveness by the giver.

Now you know what kind of massages can you try with your better half, so try them out and you won’t regret it. They will surely spice your sex life up and unite you on a new level of understanding.

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